Cover of the joshua tree photo guide
Cover of the joshua tree photo guide

This Joshua Tree photo guide is made for the discerning photographer who wants to make impactful images at the national park.  This book is not meant to be a tour guide or help with other areas such as bouldering or rock climbing.  There are other amazing books that serve those purposes.

This ebook is also not meant to show you extremely obvious locations like Skull Rock.  We want you to explore and find better rock locations to photograph.  This ebook will get you started in that quest.

What To Expect In The joshua tree photo Guide

This book includes 21 separate entries and photo locations for you to read, helping you plan ahead and be prepared before you arrive!

Each entry in the Joshua Tree photo guide includes:

  • GPS coordinates for every photo location.
  • Detailed maps of the photo location and the surrounding area.
  • Best times of day to make the photograph.
  • Information that will help you be prepared before you arrive.
  • Example images made by authors Jeremy Long and T.M. Schultze.

The book also includes information about:

  • The wildlife you may see.
  • Seasons in Joshua Tree National Park
  • Other tips to help you make the absolute best of your photo trips to the park.

Thousands of hours and a decade of work in the field at Joshua Tree went into making this guide.  We are proud to share this book with you.  We hope you enjoy our ebook and it helps you with your photography.

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Feel free to email us at at any time with your feedback.  You can also share the images this guide helped you make by using the hashtag #jtphotoguide on your social media apps.